These are snapshots of the "Wee Me"s that I make to reflect how I look each day (well, as close as I can get given the choices available). You can get your own "Wee Me" for free at Wee World and then "friend" me there and we show up in each other's environments. You'll see my friend Cathy in mine. It would be fun to have more friends show up, so get with the program, people.

I improved this Wee Me

I improved this Wee Me gallery by sorting it so the most recent avatars appear first. So if you haven't viewed my site in a while you can catch up by just watching the slideshow until you start to see images you saw on your last visit here.

Yay! Michelle & Cindy

Yay! Michelle & Cindy joined WeeWorld and now I've got my Wee Posse going on! Join in the fun, you too can have a changeable cartoon figure in your email, on your blog, on your IM. . .

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