Pampered Chef Can Opener Is the Best

I was in desperate need of a can opener, and not only did I find one, I found a Pampered Chef one. I own one myself, and I'll never go back. If you haven't been accosted by a coworker to come to a Pampered Chef party, eavesdrop over the water cooler until you hear someone talking about one, and go. While the products aren't cheap, they are high-quality and generally a fair price. For example, I think I have a melon-baller or something made by the same manufacturer of the Pampered Chef melon-baller (or whatever similar tool it was) that I probably got for around $3.50, but they were asking $5.50 or something like that. But it's a really good product, and I probably picked mine up in a restaurant-supply company on the Bowery or something like that, so $5.50 is a decent price for getting it conveniently.

Anyway, back to the can opener. Until last year, I used the "old fashioned" can openers like everyone else. You line up the discs, squeeze, turn, and pull off a lid with dangerously sharp edges. No big deal, but you had to be careful and dispose of the lid inside the can so it wouldn't slice open your trash bag or cut you open when you dumped the recycling.

But the Pampered Chef can opener is better in so many ways! First of all, there is no sharp edge, on either the can or the lid. It somehow makes smooth "safety edges" on each while it cuts. It makes the cut in a different place than the old can openers, I don't recall the specifics. Secondly, you don't have to squeeze so much. You squeeze once, but then there is a locking mechanism that holds it together while you turn the crank. Thirdly, the crank is comfortable. This is not particular to this model, many other brands now have comfortable cranks, a la OXO, but nevertheless I appreciate it.

A few things are a bit strange for the uninitiated. First, you have to line it up on top of the can in an unfamiliar way. It's not exactly intuitive, but it's easy once you get used to it. Secondly, you don't just push/pull the lid in/out like the old-fashioned way. The can opener itself has a "Tweety-bird mouth" gripper (if you saw the thing, you'd understand, it's the way I remember how to use it) that you use to grip the edge of the lid and pull it off once it's cut. So not only are the edges smooth, you don't have to touch the lid anyway.

Bottom Line: Get yourself a Pampered Chef can opener if you don't already have one. I'll never go back.

Peerless' Incredible Head Makes Water Invisible

Terry suggested we get a new showerhead. There's nothing wrong with the old one, I guess he was just bored of it. So I did a little research to see what's new in showerhead technology.

A lot, actually. The new showerheads that look like a big perforated tile in the ceiling looked cool, but they were expensive. Like $2,000+ for a showerhead. There were relatively few people writing reviews of them, for obvious reasons, so I'm skeptical that the shower feels as good as it looks.

But there was one showerhead that got plenty of good reviews, it's called "The Incredible Head" by Peerless. I got it at Lowe's for under $10. It's very small by ordinary showerhead standards, about 2" high by 1" wide. It was easy to install, but I did need to use a screwdriver head to fully seat the rubber washer before I screwed it onto the pipe.

The packaging claims "Great for Low Water Pressure", and we have very low water pressure from our well. That claim appears to be true, since its performance is fine for us.

But another claim is "Invigorating Shower Feel" which I'm not so sure about. Now, of the reviews I read, there were several that disliked this showerhead because the spray was too invigorating, and it hurt them. I have had no such problem; perhaps because of our extremely low water pressure? I guess "invigorating" is subjective, but I would use "pleasant" to describe its "shower feel" as it performs in our shower.

I like the "soap-up" valve, I hadn't used a shower with one before. I like to let my shampoo and soap work for a while before I rinse them off, and with my old showerhead I always has to actively avoid rinsing off too early. With this one I get wet, then press the button which stops the water, soap up, wait, then press the button again when its time to rinse. Of course, I could have just turned the water off with the faucet before, but then I'd have to remember exactly where I had the temperature set before I turned it off. The shut-off valve on this showerhead eliminates that problem, the water stays the same temperature. Actually, it's just slightly hotter when it first comes back on, but not enough to get burned, just enough to notice.

Now for the most amazing feature. The water coming out of this showerhead is invisible! With our old showerhead, we could see the water coming out once we turned it on. Not with this one! I can see the water for about 2" at the very top near the nozzle, but nothing after that. I can't see the water again until it hits the wall.

See, the showerhead works by "atomizing" the water drops so they are very tiny. It's a pretty neat effect. I can see the drops once I am actually in the shower, but just outside the shower they're invisible.

I'm keeping the showerhead for now. It's satisfying, although not particularly more so than our last one. But it looks considerably different. Our last one was adjustable on a gooseneck, and I suspect Terry was tired of it since it wouldn't go up quite high enough for his taste. This one, being all the way up at the tip of the wall pipe, is plenty high.

Bottom Line: If you need a new showerhead, are satisfied with one setting, and want the ability to quickly stop & start the water flow, appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, and want invisible water, then get this one. If you want some crazy pulsing water sensation, look elsewhere.

This isn't the brand I got, but it looks exactly the same: