A Few Minutes of Snow

Maple Shade Park

The area we're calling "Maple Shade Park" is actually starting to fill in and is becoming a nice place to hang out. Here's a slideshow showing the evolution of the park:

Max's Baptism

August 7th, 2011 at St. Thomas Aquinas church in Charlottesville, VA

Maximus's First Summer

I'll add photos to this album throughout the summer. As always, you can click on the slideshow to view it larger in another window if you prefer.

Easter Morning

Despite W staying up past 9:30pm last night, I decided to take him out to the morning Mass since the later Mass was such a zoo last year. I figured he'd be tired and docile, and was right-- he was pretty well-behaved for the whole service.

Here are some photos we took before and after:

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